FuTUre Fund

NOVA offers every TU student the opportunity to “dream and do” and make their ideas happen. We want to help make your ideas a reality! 

Student and faculty applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

A team of TU faculty from various colleges and departments oversee the FuTUre Fund.

Professor Charlie Wood currently serves as director.


The FuTUre Fund is a great way to get your ideas off the ground!

Our vision: The primary purpose of the FuTUre Fund is to boost the culture of innovation at The University of Tulsa. The fund encourages innovative work by TU students and faculty through “innovation prizes” and assistance from mentors and TU’s NOVA Fellows. The prize money helps cover students’ project-related expenses for current innovative work. TU faculty can also receive a prize for developing innovative new coursework and experiences designed to retain and attract students.