A team of TU faculty from various colleges and departments oversee the NOVA Fellowship.

Professor Charlie Wood currently serves as director.


Combining knowledge for the purpose of innovation is the heart of the NOVA Fellowship. It is an intentional effort by faculty, students, and professionals to leverage the wonders of our free market in order to apply the tools of discovery, innovation, and implementation to address nagging problems in our local communities.

Click here to learn more about Silas Hughes’ NOVA project to address food inadequacies in Tulsa



Want to learn about other NOVA projects and how to attend meetings? Contact Dr. Woolard at nathan-woolard@utulsa.edu

TU Student Entrepreneurs!


Do you have a business that you want to start or that you currently are trying to grow?  Your business can become your NOVA Fellowship project. Other NOVA Fellows and TU entrepreneurship faculty can serve as your advisory board.

FuTUre Fund

This fund serves to boost the culture of innovation at The University of Tulsa and is open to current students and faculty. Every TU student has the opportunity to “dream and do” and to make their ideas happen, and we want to facilitate that! Student and faculty applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Student Projects

The students’ ideas and projects will be as varied as their majors – from engineering to english, finance to physics, sociology to sports science.

We have years of experience helping students do great projects for the community.


Read our blog for more about the work we continue to do to help student follow their passion for learning.

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NOVA Faculty Fellows

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