Day of Innovation

Day of Innovation (DOI) is an annual celebration of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial accomplishments of TU students. This event is sponsored by JOLT@TU Business ( and facilitated by NOVA Fellows and TU’s Stanford University Innovation Fellows. Innovation can be a new method, product, service, or business model and can be found in every college across the TU campus. Students present their projects, and attendees get to “invest” in these projects by using “NOVA Bucks” to vote for their favorite projects. Students will receive money to continue the development of their innovative project.  A culminating awards ceremony will feature a keynote speaker from Tulsa’s I&E community and will bestow participating teams with cash prizes as well as honors and recognition. Heavy hors-d’oeuvres will be provided during the event.

Rules and Expectations for participants:

Individual students or student teams from all academic disciplines, involved in the creation of original, innovative work are encouraged to apply. This definition includes:

  1. Student research projects being conducted at TU in any academic discipline
  2. Student-run entrepreneurial projects that aim to create value for customers through the creation of new business ideas or models, OR through the creation of new products/services using existing technologies in new ways
  3. Student social innovation projects that design and implement new solutions to improve the well-being of people and communities
  4. Original student artistic or performance works that explore new techniques or are interdisciplinary in nature

Students must apply to participate by Friday, March 27th. Fifteen projects will be selected. Students will be notified of the selection results within two weeks. Project selection will be based on quality of work and diversity of projects submitted. The goal is to showcase excellence in innovation from all TU colleges.

An award of $1,000 will be given to each project that is featured on the Day of Innovation. This money will be earmarked to further develop and support the project. To receive the $1,000, the students or teams must create a professional looking poster board (foam board or tri-fold cardboard) that highlights the arch of discovery/learning for the project: the problem, objectives, method, findings, and conclusions of the research or project. Each project must have at least one representative to discuss the project at the DOI event. Teams are encouraged to bring supporting visual aids that can enhance their presentation. An additional prize will be given to the project selected as a favorite by the attendees, so it is important to create a short but persuasive and professional pitch for your innovative project.

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DOI 2022 Sign-Up

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  • Provide a brief description of the project, highlighting what is most creative/innovative. What benefit/value are you creating and for whom? If you have any questions about this competition, please contact Claire Cornell at