Computer Science

Researchers create robots that can transform their wheels into legs

Researchers at Texas A&M University, in conjunction with with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), are creating “mobile robots for military applications”. The robots can determine “whether wheels or legs are more suitable to travel across terrains”.



The first AI model that translates 100 languages without relying on English data

“Facebook’s new multilingual AI model directly translates between 100 languages without relying on English data. Translation models typically route through English as a middle point because of the language’s abundant digital footprint.” and

First Augmented Reality Spine Surgery Using FDA-Cleared Augmedics xvision™ Spine System Completed in U.S.

Augmedics xvision™, “the first Augmented Reality Guidance system for surgery”, offers surgeons 3D visualizations during surgery “as if they had ‘x-ray vision'”. The system was successfully used in June 2020 in a spinal surgery procedure.