The Evolution of Higher Education: 5 Global Trends To Watch and marketing research firm Ipsos present data from the Global Higher Education Snapshot. Taking into consideration the impact the pandemic has had on the sector, the report highlights five trends in higher education:

  1. Relationship between connection and communication
  2. The pandemic’s impact on trust gaps
  3. “Juggling wellbeing concerns”
  4. Increased desire for flexibility
  5. Uncertainty in career paths

Innovation from combinations of knowledge

Student innovation

“Most of the really great breakthroughs in science are unifications.”

– Owen J. Gingerich, Harvard science historian

Higher education institutions are often subject to the same “silo” mentality found in corporations. But many discoveries, innovations, and possibilities come to light when we are willing to combine knowledge across disciplines. As a simple example, consider biomimicry.

Combining knowledge for the purpose of innovation is the heart of the Nova Fellowship. It is an intentional effort by faculty, students, and professionals to leverage the wonders of our free market in order to apply the tools of discovery, innovation, and implementation to address nagging problems in our local communities.

It is an experiment, and we hope you will join us in the process!